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Blast Group

I have read through several threads and see there is a way to configure a blast group for an external number through the CLI, but I have not been successful configuring this. Recently we upgraded to the Early Release and upgraded the CCA to 1.9.1 which has the blast group configuration built into the GUI.

We have a T1 bringing in 6 DID numbers, each DID is assigned to a specific user except the base number. I set up a blast group to 5000 and added all the users to the blast group. I then set the noan paramater to forward to a users extension if no one picks up.

I then went into my DID settings and programmed the main phone number DID to translate to the internal blast group 5000.

When someone calls the main line now it rings 2 times and disconnects the call. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to get this fixed. I'd be happy to do the CLI configruation if someone has that posted. The post I reviewed for the CLI config was:

From what I can tell this is an incomplete CLI configuration, hopefully someone can fill in the blanks.

Thanks in advance!

Maulik Shah

I assume you are on UC520 SW Pack 7.0.2 as that is where the blast functionality was added.

What you are doing should work as that is exactly what you need to do -> map DID to hunt group pilot and add users to blast hunt group. Are you sure the DID you entered is exactly what your provider is sending you? What kind of trunk is this - PRI?

If you have the CLI config then upload that and I can take a look as well.


Thanks for the reply, I found the source of the problem, my timeout for the blast group was set to 80 seconds but the ephone-dn noan timeout was set to 10 seconds. I changed these settings to be 30 seconds for the blast group and 35 seconds for the ephones and everything worked like a charm :)

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