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BLF and CP Problems w/ SP504G and SPA9000/SPA400


I am setting up a phone system for our office using:

SPA400 w/ 3 Analog phone lines (No IP phone connection)


3 - SPA504G 4 line phones

2 - WIP310 wireless phones.

The SPA400, SPA9000 and SPA504G's are all updated to the latest available firmware.

I have downloaded the "Beta" Congiguration Wizard ( and have the system operaitonal, voicemail is working, extension can speed dial each other, but when I try to enable BLF and CP between the SPA504G's it does not work.  I never get a red light when a monitored extension is busy.  In most configurations, I've tried the monitored lines are "Amber" instead of "Green".

I have tried to configure this w/ only 1 phone monitoring another and it still does not work.

Any suggestions?



Jo Kern
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Look in the picture for Line Key 4.

I have a SPA525G though

I have access to a spa504g next week at the earliest for testing.

ext=      the extension number you want to monitor

sub=     (i believe that is the station name of the phone you want to monitor,  the phone i am surveiiling is calle 'station' in the field Station Name)

I have the SPA504 configured as shown, but it constantly displays an AMBER light for the station to be monitored.  From what I can gather this means the station is not registered properly, but Speed Dial (SD) and Shared Line Appearance (SLA) work for other lines on the phones, but I have not been able to get BLF or CP to work on any of the phones.

I tested and have the same problem.

LF and CP does not work.however my keys are green.

works on spa525g but not on spa504g

(firmware 7.4.7)


has anybody successfully configured the BLF with SPA504 and SPA9000? Whatever I tried, it only subscribe to the BLF (monitoring keys are green), but when a new call is established to monitored line/extension, I would expect it sends NOTIFY to the moniotring phone.... It does not happen..

Thanks a lot in advnace!

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