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Broadsoft BLA on SPA525g

can someone point me in the right direction here....

Im using a SPA525g ( with SPA500s ) registered to Freeswitch.

Im trying to use BLF on the sidecart with this configuration

<Server_Type group="Att_Console/General">Broadsoft</Server_Type>

<Unit_1_Key_1 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=sd+cp+blf;sub=99007@</Unit_1_Key_1>

<Unit_1_Key_2 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=cp+blf;sub=99007@</Unit_1_Key_2>

<Unit_1_Key_3 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=blf;sub=99007@</Unit_1_Key_3>

<Unit_1_Key_4 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=sd;sub=99007@</Unit_1_Key_4>

<Unit_1_Key_5 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=blf+sd;sub=99007@</Unit_1_Key_5>

<Unit_1_Key_6 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=blf+sd;sub=99007@;ext=99007@</Unit_1_Key_6>

<Unit_1_Key_7 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=99007@</Unit_1_Key_7>

<Unit_1_Key_8 group="Att_Console/Unit_1">fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=99007@$PROXY</Unit_1_Key_8>

All keys flash orange except Key_4 ( which is simply a speed dial )

I can see freeswitch accepting my SIP SUBSCRIBE   ( With - SIP/2.0 202 Accepted )

and then sending me SIP NOTIFY Messages ( to which the 525g responds SIP/2.0 200 OK )

however the lights continue to flash orange.

please can someone point me in the right direction here, Id love to know whats wrong.

PLEASE Find attached pcap and SIP Dump between the 525g and Freeswitch.

Frequent Contributor

Re: Broadsoft BLA on SPA525g

Hey Jay, try this link on configuring the blf's on the phones.


Re: Broadsoft BLA on SPA525g

ive already read over that pdf thanks..

ive just spent the last 6 hours trying this on other cisco/linksys phones ( 504's & 962's ) and have the same issues.

ive even done a virgin freeswitch install and am trying with the out of the box config.

( the wiki says freeswitch supports BLF with the spa 932 and should work with 962 )

the stupidest thing is .. I still have this orange flashing light ...

which your PDF Says means there was no response to sip subscribe.

( Orange slow flash: No response to SIP SUBSCRIBE )

but there is ( As you can see in the attached sip dump, taken from the freeswitch box )

but the phones /spa932stats.html  page ( yes thats the url, even on the spa525g )

shows this output

BLF, Speed Dial, Call Pickup1001@

so the phone knows that the subscription was fine ( hence the yes in the subscribed column )

but the light STILL flashes orange.

any ideas on how to solve this ?

I just dont understand how the web gui can say it subscribed, but the orange flashing light says it didnt get a subscription response.


Cisco Employee

Re: Broadsoft BLA on SPA525g

Hi Jay,

Thanks for posting the traces. I'm busy analyzing them and will get back to you.




Cisco Employee

Re: Broadsoft BLA on SPA525g

Hi Jay,

I've been through the trace from your first post and noticed that the phone does not appear to understand the NOTIFY from Freeswitch.

Looking closer at the NOTIFY messages from Freeswitch, I see that instead of telling the phone what the state of the line is, it's telling the phone that the state is resubscribe [which equals confusion, which equals flashing orange LED]

I then re-read your initial post and see that you're using:


Please try the following: