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Broadworks Call Forward Sync

We enabled the broadworks feature sync and have noticed strange behavior.  The feature syncs up DND, CF All and CF No Answer.  The problem seems to be that the cisco phone CFNA timer is in seconds and the Broadsoft timer is in number of rings.

A user will enable CFNA on their phone and set it to 20 seconds, they then turn off CFNA and the broadworks sees it as 20 rings, so the caller hangs up before it hits their voicemail.

Has anyone else seen this and is there a workaround?




Re: Broadworks Call Forward Sync

Hi David,

I have the same issue as well but i didn't pay attention to it when i tested my phone with Broadsoft account. I noticed that my CFNA in BS account always changed to 20 rings everyday even i changed it to 3 on previous day. Also i don't know how often that this feature sync will send subscribe message to BS to sync it.

The fix that i did is to change the default value, 20, of Cfwd_No_Ans_Delay to 3 and my BS account is showing 3 now. So i believe that that field should be number of rings instead of timer in seconds (maybe i'm wrong)

Here is the field i change.


Or you can do it from the phone menu as well because this field is has a read/write parameter.


Cisco Employee

Re: Broadworks Call Forward Sync

Hi Community,

The phones uses time in seconds instead of rings because some users may choose to use ring tones that are not regular "ring-ring" type ring tones so the length of a ring tone is unknown.

The issues that you reported for CFNA No Ans Delay in seconds instead of rings have been assigned to the following CDETS which are currently under evaluation:

  • SPA50xG & SPA3xx: CSCtj79804
  • SPA525G: CSCtj79767

I don't have a resolution date at this time.





Re: Broadworks Call Forward Sync

Is this problem resolved? I tested it with 7.4.7 and i still got 20 rings before call went to VM.



Broadworks Call Forward Sync

Any resolution in 7.4.9c?  It has fixed alot of other issues!


Broadworks Call Forward Sync

Sorry to change the original question a little, but is the Feature Sync setting on the phone supposed to let BS know when a user has pressed the Call Forward All button on the phone and enabled it to a valid number?  We are finding that our SPA phone users are using the CFAll softkey which is NOT alerting BroadSoft which causes the Users status to show up in any of the BoradSoft clients as "On-hook" and not in the Call Forward All state...