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Bug in the latest spa3XX-5XXG phone firmware 7.5.6 - Can not transfer anonymous calls

william Jin

Hi support,

I just found a bug in the latest phone firmware 7.5.6.


Linux Debian Wheezy

Asterisk 11.7

FreePBX 2.11

Affected Cisco phone model: SPA504G and SPA514G(I only tested these two models)

The issue is when there is an incoming call with anonymous caller id, after picking up the call, the xfer and bxfer softkeys are missing. On the first page, only conf softkey(3rd place out of four softkeys). After pressing the right arrow, it's redial, dir, blank(used to be bxfer) and dnd.

TS has been done.

Tested with other phones brand, yealink, snom and mitel, all working.

Tested with firmware 7.5.5b, all working.

Tested with latest firmware 7.5.6, xfer and bxfer softkeys are missing.

I read the firmware upgrade note of 7.5.6 and found below:

CSCuh25063 The SPA5x5 phone has the ability to hide Xfer/Bxfer softKeys after initial network configuration.

Maybe it's related? pure guess. Does that mean we should have the ability to un-hide Xfer/Bxfer softkeys? HOW?


I am not requesting to fix this as soon as possible. My customers are happy after downgrading to 7.5.5b. But if it can be fixed in the next available firmware, that would be great.



William Jin

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Any release date for 7.5.7?  Can you provide any additional detail about how I would get the patched version of 7.5.6?


I notice that 7.5.6a has been released - does this fix the issue? I'm not familiar with what the letters following the version number mean.

So quick response from me:

Read release notes. If it mention it, you know the answer. If it doesn't mention or released notes doesn't exist at all, try it - it's simple. Let us know the results, then ...


More detailed response (supplemented later):  Release notes of 7.5.6 and 7.5.6a firmware are identical with following exceptions:

Resolved issues listed in 7.5.6 RN but not in 7.5.6a RN:

CSCun77435,CSCuo52582 - e.g. code execution and cross site scripting vulnerabilities

Does it mean regression and 7.5.6a firmware is vulnerable to those attacks again ? I don't know. It's worrying possibility, a lot.


Resolved issues listed in 7.5.6a RN but not in 7.5.6 RN:

CSCuq63643 - phone freezes on making call if DNS SRV and Auto Register enabled


CSCuh25063 is still mentioned in Resolved Issues list, but no CSCuq18187 listed here. It may mean the issue is not resolved.

It's not mentioned in Open Issues as well. It mean you should not trust completeness of Release Notes so much. Issue may or may not be resolved.

Try it. Let us know the results, then ... ;-)


According yours "I'm not familiar with what the letters following the version number mean" ...

... it may mean just troubles. According documentation (Provisioning Guide), version numbers take the form of three non-negative numbers separated by period plus an optional alphanumeric string in parentheses. Version 7.5.6a doesn't follow such definition. It's important for provisioning profile's conditional expressions. For integers and version numbers, the operators lt,le,gt,ge are defined, for generic strings only = and != can be used.

If 7.5.6a will not be recognized as valid version number, conditional expression with lt,le,gt,ge operators will not work properly. Downgrade Rev Limit may not work as well.

In previous firmwares, version numbers with letters not enclosed has not been identified as version numbers so processed accordingly. I didn't tested 7.5.6a so I don't know it will work correctly or not. Try it. Let us know the results ... ;-)

See also Version-style conditional expressions broken on XU image