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Call-forward all is being automatically removed

Running into a weird issue at one of my client's sites. They are using a UC560 with a PRI trunk and about 40 phones. Every day the receptionist forwards calls coming into the main line to an answering service. Periodically the call-forward is removed.

I initially thought this issue was user error, so I took the following actions. Removed the main line shared extension from all phones except reception. Also configured night service on a floating extension to remove the possibility of the call-forward being removed by an end user. The next morning I received a call that all inbound calls werent working. Logged into the system and saw the call-forward on the floating extension to reception was removed automatically.

At this point, I thought I was looking at a bug in either IOS, phone firmware or SCC. I upgraded IOS to 15.1(2)T4. Upgraded 7900 phones to SCCP 8.5.4 and the SPA500 phones to 7.4.9c. Even after making these changes, the call-forward is still being removed automatically.

Opened a TAC case after observing these symtoms. SR #623619921. The tech advised that he ran into an issue some time ago where a bug in SCC was causing strange behavior with call-forwards but the symptoms were not exactly the same. At this point I feel fairly confident the issue is being cause by SCC Server but I havent been able to nail down the event causing the problem.

Since opening the case with TAC, I have set up an FXS port as a skinny phone and put a call-forward on it to my personal phone number and assigned a new DID to it.  I have also added this phone into the SCC Server config. To take things a step further I have a debug ephone detail for the FXS phone to go to a syslog server to capture the time in which this event happens, which I will cross reference with SCC Server trace logs.

Has anyone else run into this issue?

Could someone from the SCC team please chime in?