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Call-Forward / SNR caller-id


Hey Everyone,

I have SNR and some call-forwarding configured and I've been having the issue that when the call is forwarded or taken with SNR that the caller-id shows up with the main line of our company and not the inital caller.  I've tracked this down to because I have an outgoing voice translation-rule that is changing the caller-id to our main number; which is fine in most cases...except this one.

Whats the proper way to do this?

Is their a rule that I should be setting up that logically follows something like...if the call is coming from a 3digit extension (ie. internal) then don't change the outgoing caller-id to the main number...but if it matches our internal extension plan than change it?

This is a PRI connection.



Good morning,

This is an industry wide practice / standard.

When you system re-initiates additional calls to the additional SNR devices, it is now coming from your system.  Most telcos will not allow you to initiate a call outward with the original number since this is not where the call came from. The call is coming from your system.

If your telco will allow you to initiate a call and have it appear to be from the original caller, then you are fine.  I would check with them, but the short answer is probably not as this is fairly common telco practice.

A couple of similar threads that might help some, and a config option is discussed in the first thread listed below:


Andrew Lissitz

Hi Andrew,

Yes, I've tested this before.  If I remove the outgoing translation profile that re-maps the outgoing caller-id with our main number the caller-id shows up on the phone as the internal extension; so I believe I have the ability to re-map my caller-id to whatever I deem appropriate.

Cool, you have been there and done that ;-)

I do not know of a 'proper way' to do this based on the number of digits in the original caller.

Hopefully one of the many people smarter than me will weigh in and 'learn-us'.  HTH

Andrew Lissitz

If my internal extension numbers are all 3 digit and lets say all start with a '2'...

And my outgoing calls require that '9' be pressed to gain access to an outside line...

Than theoretically could I just create a voice translaiton-rule that says...

1 - if the number starts with a 92...followed by two digits...then translate to my main number...

2- if anything else, let the number pass...OR...just do something funky, but getting the same result.

Well I just tried it and my staff is reporting that they are now recieving the initiating callers ID/number.  When I dial out from my internal extensions the calls are coming up from the main number.  So far so good (fingers crossed).