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Call Forwarding All Audio Issue


Hello all,


I'm having issues with the call forwarding all feature on a UC540.  A user wants to set call forwarding all to an external number (their personal cell phone) so when an incoming call to their number connects, the system will forward the call to their external number.  I've made some test calls and have verified that the call will connect (user is able to hear the ring and pick up) but there is no audio both ways.  All other features such as inbound and outbound calls work fine. There have been no changes on the UC500 when this issue was noticed, and I suspect there may be an ISP issue here due to previous issues that were similar to this.  Their ISP have responding by saying that they are not receiving any audio from our side. I've run a debug ccsip messages and debug voice ccapi inout  and have attached it to this thread but I'm having trouble interpreting the results.  

I can see that the calls are connecting from the debug, but unsure of where to look to determine if audio is working.  Can anyone assist me on this?

Thank you,


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