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Call Park indicator light or revolving phone screen message

I have looked up postings and see a lot of older discussions and questions about call parking and giving the customer a visual indicator that a call is parked. But I have not seen any solutions or creative work around solutions for "Seeing" a parked call.

A lot of customers are asking that they have the ability to "See" parked calls waiting to be picked up - specifically on the UC500 platforms (and even more spcifically on the UC540 & UC560 as those are the recent platforms).

1.  Does Cisco have a solution? Like maybe a flashing MWI or maybe the call park extension could revolve or rotate on the screen message...maybe even on all phones?

2.  Does Cisco have this on the road map as a requested feature from the dealers and customers?

3. Does anyone have a creative idea - other than the ring back notification ? I have read that programming a park slot ext on a button does not show anything either... plus most folks don't want to purchase a more expensive phone to "See" 701-708 slots.

I need some solid answers for our customers. It would appear from other postings that other dealers are looking for a solution as well.

Thank you,


David Trad
Rising star

Hi Stacy,

Sometime ago i did request if they could put a soft key in that said something like "PkdCalls" or something similar, but didnt get any with it. Basically you press the soft key and it would show you how many calls were parked, for how long and you use the up and down arrow key to move between them, and then either hit another soft key that said "resume" or pressed ok to choose a parked call.

I do not use Parked calls as every deployment ended up in a support nightmare trying to train and re-teach them on how to use it, as it is now it is too hard and far to confusing for the end user, never found one person who could understand it and enjoy using it.



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We place the parked DNs as monitor lines on the receptionist's phone. While this does not do everything you need, it does give someone at the location some visibility into the park slots. The monitor of park DNs works well with side cars.

David's suggestion sounds the best so let's hope Cisco Road Maps it soon.

Our customers love PARK, and they should. It is a great feature.

You might want to consider a BACD group as well if you need ring back - have the caller transferred into a custom BACD group that holds with music then rings back.....

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