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Call Park Monitoring XML App



Has anyone created an XML app that is able to monitor a call parking lot in Asterisk (quite possibly using the AMI interface)?

Many thanks


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Henry Bonath

This is an old thread, but to help anyone else out there, I've started working on one and have it published in Github:

The parking lot runs from /cgi-bin (it's a Bash script) that calls asterisk CLI commands. For it to function, the webserver and asterisk must be run from the same UID.

I also have a thread over at the PBX in a Flash Forum with more information:

Hope this is helpful!


Nice script. But it should be noted that number of entries must not exceed 32 in one CiscoIPPhoneDirectory object. Such limit is not maintained by current version of script.

Thanks for the heads-up on that.

I'm *not* a developer, and am still learning a bit about the XML capabilities of these phones (including the shortcomings!)

The 32-entry limit should be fine for the Asterisk parking lot, as by default I think it's limited to 9 slots.

That being said, I have an App for a directory based on lookups from the FreePBX database which would most definitely be affected by the 32-entry limit.

As they sit today, they are something I whipped up over a weekend, and definitely have a lot of room for improvement. I do plan on trying to refine these somewhat and keep them out there for Asterisk and FreePBX users that deploy these phones.

I've updated and added logic to work around the blank entries - I had experienced this with an SPA504g. (Previously had only tested on SPA525G2)

Updated the directory app - now should effectively support multiple pages of 32.

Just short notice:

1. Race condition - if list of users changed between pages

2. NEXT SoftKey even there is no next page, those non-existent pages have no entry. It is not allowed and is known to cause abend on some firmware versions


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