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call routing

i'm new in CUCM configuration

i just want to route all incoming calls from PSTN to one DN (reception number) , my environment consisted of

1- CUCM 7.1

2- i'm going  outside via VG 2921 connected to primacell

3- VG 2921 is registerd on the CUCM via MGCP

i have no problem in make calls from any DN to outside


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You just need to setup some translation patterns to make this happen. Nothing CUCC can do to help here. Needs to be done the UCM GUI.

here i changed all the configuration again on my VG but H323 this time and i got same action i can make call outside but can't get call from PSTN , as i mentioned before i have GSM wireless terminator instead of land line and when i read its manual i got that its port is FXS  , may be the problem is i connect it to FXO port in my VG , but i'm wonder how i can make call to outside .

by the way i have other action occurred , when i call from PSTN to inside i got dial tone but no thing happen inside , and during this if i make call to outside i accidentally answer the PSTN call.

plz help and give me any example of those translation patterns i need to apply

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