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Dave Van Calster

callconnector client - external directory

hi all,

Can we give an end user some administrative rights in order to let him add contacts to the external directory from on his callconnector client. Option for new contact is greyed out by default and I don't find how to enable this feature.

For now the only way I know how to manage this is through the server administration application but I don't like the end user to mess around in this application.

best regards


Hi Dave,

Please see the attached screenshot for details.


Hi Dave:

The user-type (Manager and Administrator) have edit and delete options enabled in the Advanced Client. You can change the user-type from the Configuration Manager Manage Users/Contacts screen.


CallConnector Team


Thanks for your information, almost there!

I can now edit any existing contact in the external directory, however when I press the add option from within the client, then nothing happens.

Any suggestion? I have already restarted all callconnecter server services.

best regards

Hi Dave:

Unfortunately you cannot add users from the corporate directory. This can only be  done from the Configuration Manager. The Corporate Directory can have both CallConnector user contact data as well as non-user contact information. A CallConnector User is soemone that is able to login and has a phone associated with it.

The Corporate Directory can also be used to maintain contact information for all the other employees in the company that do not have the CallConnector software installed. You can add new contact entries for the non-CallConnector employees from the Advanced Client. Use the Refresh option to re-load the directory.


CallConnector Team

hi team,

Actually my question is not related to the corporate directory but to the external directory which you can select in the dropdown menu in the advanced client software.

I would like the end user (which have been granted adminstrator rights following your previous post) to be able to add contacts into the external directory on its advanced client, not the corporate.


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