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caller id blocking going out FXO ports

Is it possible to have caller-id blocking on fxo ports?

I've set up using the CLI but the calls are still showing the phone number coming to the phone

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Yes, but using a different mechanism. You need to configure dial-peer(s) that match the code and send it out to PSTN.

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Crystalcross,

This is actually much more easier to achieve with CCA, is the system a fully CLI based system or was it originally done with CCA and you have tried to make the CLID blocking by CLI?



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This action was not avaiable using the cca so i tried doing this through the CLI . When i went to outbound calls and to caller id it was just a message speaking of the provider providing caller id so no way to do this from cca

There are two ways to block CLID.  The easiest way would be to call your telephony provider and have them block your number.  The second way would be to add *67 into your dial string.  You can do this in CCA under your outgoing dial plan and adding duplicate entries which include *67 or you can go into CLI and duplicate your outbound dialpeers so that they forward *67 along with the other dialed digits.

I tried forwarding out *67 along with the number but when i make a test call using *67 i do not see the number being blocked I think that has now to do with the service provider not blocking the number when *67 is passed along

How did you forward the *67?  What steps did you take? Also some telco's do not honor the flag set to block your CLID, so its not a guarantee that no one will ever see your number.  If you had a PRI or SIP trunk you can change your number to whatever you like

I first went to telepony-service and added the command caller-id block *888, then dialed a number and the call did not block

I then put in a translation pattern so that *67 will be added to the number

voice translation-rule 15

rule 1 /^888\(..........\)$/ /*67\1/----for dialing a 10 digit number

I tested the pattern and it worked, i also added a dial peer for the 888 number to go out. The call is able to go out but once agian the number is not being blocked

Did you add forward digits all under the dial peer and this translation pattern was applied to the correct outbound dialpeer right?  If you do debug voip dialpeer all, you will see which dialpeer is being used. 

Did you test the pattern by using the "test voice translation-rule" command?

What other rule are in that voice profile?

If these things check out you would need to speak to telco to block the number.  I stopped blocking numbers this way because it takes two minutes to log into the TSP's online portal and check off the block CLID

Yes that is correct the translaton pattern was added to the correct dial peer, and also i tested the rule using the "test voice..." command, i will have to check and make sure the correct dial peer is being used. I think talking to the telco is the next step.