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Caller ID on 508G Phone - How can you see whole # when connected?

UC560 - SP 8.0.2

CME 8.0

ADVIPSERVICESK9-M), Version 15.0(1)XA2

SPA508G phone

Users can see whole # when calling in, but when connected it says

"From xxxxxxxx time"  - Missing the last 2 digits.

Can we drop the "From"?

On 504G phones, I can see the whole # when connected.

Both types of phones are using sw 7.4.3.

12/8 - Just got this update from Support:

from the phone development team ….

"The ‘From’ is taking up the space. 

It’s working as designed.

It’s a limitation of the display screen size of the 508 and 509 series when all the line keys are used." - I've got a test phone setup with only 1 line and same behavior is seen.

So if you need to see the whole #, don't sell/buy the 508s or the 509s.  Seems ironic as these phones would probably be sold as receptionist phones.

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