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Caller ID on Call Forward All


I've got a user that has forwarded his phone to his cell phone.

The forwarding and everything is perfectly fine, but the caller ID he is seeing on his cell phone is somewhat messed up.

Therefore, if he misses one of those diverted calls on his mobile, he has to manually type in the number of the person that was trying to reach him and can't just simply call him back on the CLID number

For example:

His DN is 123 and he has set up Call Forward All (CFA) to his cell number 015112345678.

When he is being called by an external DN: e.g.: 0151987654321, the caller ID being displayed on his mobile would be either:

+4900151987654321 or


I assume the country code ("+49") is being added by either our provider or his mobile phone provider, so we would just need to get rid of those additional zeros in the CLID.

The setup of the CUCM is pretty basic, so we don't have any Route Lists, Route Groups or Calling Party Transformation Patterns set up.

I've also attached a screenshot of the gateway setup.

Call Manager:

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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