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Caller-ID - Outgoing Name Caller-ID

I have sip trunks and wanted to set the name caller-id based on the extension.  So:

Outgoing call from ext. 202 -  ABC Company (this shows on the name caller-id of the receiving party)

Outgoing call from ext. 302-  XYX Company  (this shows on the name caller-id of the receiving party)

Now, I already know how to do this for the phone number (the number caller-id), but I don't see where to do this for the name caller-id.  If I set the calling-info command all goes out, say, with ABC Company.  If I don't set this, then the name on the ephone-dn gets sent out, say, Bill Smith.

I never want the name of the dn to go out, just the company name.  But, I do want a different company name to go out depending on the extension being used:

201-210 (say)  ABC Company

301-310 (say)  XYZ Company

Again, I'm only talking about the name caller-id because I've already got the number part working.   A CLI example would be great.

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