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CallManager 6 License migration

Youssef Aoufi

Hi Guys!!

We have just purchased a new BE6K server for my company and we are planning to install and deploy it in the next week.

We already have a BE5K  version 6 .

I want to do a fresh install of the BE6K using the old DLUs of the BE5K.

I am not sure about the version (9 or 10) provided by cisco since i have received the following item :  Cisco Business Edition 6000 - SOFTWARE APP VERSION 9.X 10.X.

Can someone tell me please the best way to migrate this old licenses to the new cluster.


Thanks in advance


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Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

[I notice that this post was quite old when moved to this community.  I hope you solved this issue, but adding a response here for anyone else looking for an answer to this question....]

Hi Youssef,

The BE6000 server isn't provided with any phone licenses (the part you quote above just defines the software versions that are loaded on the server for your convenience).

If you still have UCSS cover for your BE5000, then you will be able to request license upgrades at no additional cost.  If you don't have cover, then you will need to purchase license upgrades via your usual retail channel. (The standard BE6000 licensing part allows for the ordering of these licenses for BE5000 customers via the "Get Current Stay Current" pricing program.)

Either way, the first thing I would suggest you do is raise a case with our licensing migration team (call TAC and request escalation to the license migration team).  Alternatively, you can use the "License Count Utility" against your BE5000 system to help establish what licensing you will need when upgrading (I would strongly suggest you consider version 10 by the way).  This tool can also automatically open a case with the migration team for you.

When the case is open, the team will help you understand your upgrade entitlements and provide the licenses for your new system once you have agreed on the best solution.


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