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Can a legacy ATA 186 be used between UC560 & Bogen?

Hello, we are installing a UC560.  The customer has a Bogen HTA-250A and an ATA 186.

The ATA was not used to connect to the Bogen before.  They'd like to integrate it to use the IP phones to page in the plant area via the Overhead system.

I've added the ATA in CCA by the MAC and used an analog phone attached to the ATA to set a static IP in the VLAN 1 range of the UC560.

What is left to do either in CCA, the ATA or CLI to be able to call from an IP phone (4444) to ATA (1212) and ring out to an attached analog phone?

Please advise.

I looked though the other threads here but could not find an answer.

I can attach configs if needed

Thank you, Paul

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