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Can I disable the usb service and the factory reset of SPA525g?


I work for a big contact center and I need to disable the option of the USB of the spa525g because we don't want that the agents use it. Can I do it? If yes, How can I do that?

Also, this phone has the option to make a factory reset manually, because when I go to the option

-Device Administration

-Factory Reset

The phone doesn't ask the password for this option, so the agent can get in and make a factory reset.

How can I disable this option?




You can control this through provisioning.  Provisioning has the option to disable this.

I have attached the provisioning manual for your reference.

Quick tip:

Setup option 66 in your DHCP to point to a TFTP server.

Put the spa525G.cfg file on the root of that server.

The phone will look for this file to configure itself ( so long as provisioning is turned on in the phone ).

The parameters are the field names found in the form on the phone.  For spaces use the _ character.

Here is how you can set the admin password automatically:

Enable_Web_Admin_Access     "Yes";

Admin_Password                    "pa$$w0rd";

Use the spc tool to compile this into the spa525G.cfg file.  I have also included this as an attachment to this post.  I would highly recommend that the spc tool and the firmware is the same for best results.  You can force your units to automatically update the firmware by using the following lines:

Upgrade_Enable                                  "Yes" ;

Upgrade_Error_Retry_Delay                       "300" ;

Upgrade_Rule                                    "(<7.4.6)? t" ;

For ease of reference, I have also included the matched firmware for the spc compiler.

Thanks for your answer.

I have another question. I read the provisionig guide and I read that the phone could be configure with Remote configuration, so the phone could initiate or complete a profile upgrade or firmware but I don't have Cisco provisioning server to do the remote configuration in my office, how can I do the same thing with my provisioning server?


A provisioning server is a machine that has a TFTP service on it.  By default, the phones will look to this ( using option 66 in DHCP ), for a file based on their model number.  Eg.  They will look for a file called spa525G.cfg

You could use the Linksys provisioning system, but its not really required if all your phones are built internally.

The profile can also be set on the phone directly for where to get its configuration from.  You can use http for this purpose instead of the automatic method using option 66 in your DHCP server.  The field to set is called "Profile Rule:" which can be found under the Provisioning tab.

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