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Can I use SR520-FE as VPN Server with Cisco871(remote) for UC520

Hi, I may have an issue here,

I am trying to use a Cisco 871 as VPN Remote to connect to SR520-FE as VPN Server to get access to my UC500. I can't use the UC500 VPN Server feature since it's WAN access is impossible (not accessible from the web because on a private network from service provider).

The connection between the SR520-FE and Cisco871 is also on a (simulated private network).

UC500 WAN IP:               (Gateway is

UC500 VLAN100                      (CME IS AT

UC500 VLAN1                  (ip address is

SR520 WAN IP:                  (Gateway is

SR520 VLAN1                  (ip address is

SR520 is connected as trunk to uc500

CISCO871 WAN IP :               (Gateway is

CISCO871 VLAN1 :                (ip address is

Both WAN of SR520 and 871 are connected together through service provider internal network.

( is direct to < theses routers cannot be configured as they are supplied by the service provider.

CISCO871 connects to SR520 (VPN light comes up) and gets IP address Voice services are enabled (phone gets option 150 to but the phone never registers. Can’t ping any remote host. (SR520) Can’t ping it’s remote client

Any idea why this is happening?

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