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Can Night Service be used to set UC540 System into "After Hours"?

Hello, is it possible to have "Night Service" trigger "After Hours" so the Auto Attendant uses the Night options?

This customer would like the ability to quickly/easily put the system (UC540) into After Hours any time they choose.  Their "open" hours vary daily and are not a set "9 to 5".

I can set them up with Office Manager but the last person onsite varies as well.  This will require teaching OM to every employee.  They would just like to press a phone button or dial a simple number to do so instead.

Any ideas or have you done so in a system already, please let me know.

Thank you, Paul


I found this document after asking this question.

Can someone verify if this is the direction I need to go in?

Thank you.

We have set up three time based schedules and they are working perfectly. One schedule has to admin staff's phones ringing during office hours 8-5; the second one is for between 5pm and 6am it forwards all calls to our answering service; the third schedule is 6am-8am when our sales staff is in  before the admin staff. The phones ring simultaneously on all the sales staff phones and not the admin phones.

We have two hunt groups set up one for admin and one for sales.


I have set this up for a client and followed the instructions in the document and it works beautifully.  You must identify which extension will have the ability to toggle it to night service.  I believe you are limited to 4 extensions you can do this from.

Jane and Adelaide, thank you for your help.

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