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Can't dial out on some FXO's...


I have a UC320W that was installed about 6 mos. ago at a customer's site.

All lines (12 total) are set up as shared FXO's on this "blended" config. (UC320W with 2.2.2 firmware and two SPA8800 gateways).

Out of nowhere, yesterday morning, the customer couldn't make outbound calls from FXO ports 2-4 of the UC320 (all others seemed fine).

When the shared FXO line were accessed, you would hear dial tone, dial the number (local or long distance) and, instead of the number being dialed and hearing ringback tone, you would hear dial tone again.

Tested the lines in question with a single line phone and all three dialed out just fine.

Ended up rebooting the UC320W, and when it came back up, all was well.

This is actually the second time this has happened.

The first was shortly after the install, when I also had some "echo" issues that we resolved with the impeadence matching tool.

Up until yesterday, I assumed the tool took care of this issue as well as the echo problem, since we hadn't experienced either problem since.

Any ideas on why this happened or why it required a system reboot to fix it?

Best regards,



Hi Carlos,

This article might help you understand your issue : Troubleshooting UC320W - Audio Quality on FXO - Analog Line


Trust me brother, I've read through this many times.

Though it did help cure my "echo" problems, there is nothing in the trouble shooting guide that I can find that addresses the problem I discribed in my original post.

I was hoping one of the Cisco Engineers might shed some light on this issue for me and, at the same time, I wondered if other partners had experienced the same trouble.



Hello Carlos,

Try to upgrade the f/w to version 2.3.2  , you can download it from here

If the problem still persist please open a case with the support center


Every time I install the 2.3.2 firmware it introduces another problem: the Auto-attendent starts answering calls at inapropriate times (ex: answers incoming calls on first ring instead of waiting 20 seconds as programmed). Is there an existing PMF for 2.3.2 firmware that you can send that will help with this?

Hi Carlos,

Please upgrade your box to 2.3.2 and install the PMF AA_Answer_Delay.pmf at Status->Devices->Alter PMFs in Configure Utility. Please remember to apply the configuration afterwards. You can download this PMF at

If it doesn't resolve your AA answer issue, please open a case with the Small Business Support Center.

Best regards,