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Tarquin Joseph

Can't Enable Unified Messaging on UC540

I currently have an issue with my UC540 in that I cannot keep Unified Messaging enabled.

I go to Applications->Smart Applcations->Smart Applications Manager, select Unified Messaging, Configure checkmark "Enable" and then ok.  Everything looks fine and I get the green checkmark next to Unified Messaging indicating the application is enabled.  However, if I hit the refresh button, the checkmark goes.

Has anyone seen this problem?  I'm running Software Pack 8.6 and using CCA 3.2.1 for configuration.



Cisco Employee

please login to CUE and verify these,

groupname IMAPgrp create    -> CUE creat this gorup by default

groupname IMAPgrp privilege vm-imap  -> IMAPgrp should have 'vm-imap' previlege

groupname IMAPgrp member r1   -> all user should be memeber of  IMAPgrp

if you dont see any of these, just type in followed by "config t"

I see all of these there already.  The last has several for each user on my system such like:

groupname IMAPgrp member [user]

Anything else I should check?

it seems like your CCA is screw up some how, try re-launch the CCA.

still not working in the CUE console  enable the IMAP manually by just entering "enable."

service imap

maxsessions 20

end imap

That's there too...

service imap


maxsessions 20

end imap

Copied that directly from the configuration.


then IMAP functuing correctly , have you chaeck this?

thing is CCA dose not reflect CUE status, have you relaunch the CCA?

If you mean by relaunch close the app then start it up again, then yes.  Several times.  As a matter of fact, it's on a relauch that I noticed that the Unified Messaging was reporting disabled.

I thought that UM wasn't enabled and this was causing my fax2email to config to fail, but from what you're telling me UM is enabled so there's something more amiss with my system.

could you send me the running config in CME and CUE both to

Sent it...

can't find your name in my inbox, could u check?

It's in my sent items.  Did it go to junk?

no checked junk as well, could u confirm the email address? is what I sent it to.

that is right but i did not recieve any email from you, could you send it again?

Cisco Employee

this issue is CCA can NOT retrieve IMAP status from CUE corretly, it will be fixed in CCA3.2.2(release in 10/30/2012)