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Cannot Conference in a Parked Call

I have a customer that is a small law firm where we have installed a UC500 about a year ago.   Since the Install,  the customer often parks incoming calls for retrieval from the SPA phones they have.   This works fine except when they try to add a parked call into a conference call.   They can not press conference softkey, and then add the parked call by dialing the park slot number.   They have no problems just dialing and retrieving the parked call from any of the SPA phones or the Analog Polycom Conference phone that is connected to an FXS port.   But if the customer is on a conference call, and an outside caller calls in to the frontdesk,  the receptionists parks the call. The conference  initiator cannot add that parked call to the conference he is on regardless of whether it is from the Polycom analog phone or a SPA phone.

Is this a limitation of the conference feature, or does something need to be added to the UC500 config for this to happen?   The UC500 has been configured only by using the CCA.  Has anyone encountered this before?

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