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CAS T1 using E&M needs *ani*dnis*, is it possible on UC500?

There's another thread on this, but it wasn't answered, so at SBSC's suggestion, I'm posting it here. They told me the support forum is a better place to get help than calling the 866-606-1866.

Anyway, this is a UC560. CAS T1 using E&M wink-start (or immediate start if that helps). The telco is sending calling/called info in the string: *ANI*DNIS* and the UC doesn't know what to do with that. I found infomation online that indicates how to change this, but the UC doesn't accept the command, specifically the type fgb (feature group b) that seems to be the only thing that allows a custom string in that whole delimiter thing. Here's a link to what I did find.

Obviously it'd be easiest to just get a PRI instead, but the system is already in production (using a second PRI for primary access) and they want this circuit up as soon as possible for their LD.

So, it is or is it not possible to make this work on a UC560? Forget supported vs not-supported with the whole CCA/CLI thing, just is it possible? Thanks!


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As you found out yourself, UC500, and ISR routers, does not support T1 CAS fgb, and ANI*DNIS caller-id.

For that, you can use the "number to name" script that I wrote. It can be adquired at the website present in my profile.


Thank you for your quick reply. Just to confirm them, if the telco can't change their string, we cannot use the circuit, right? I'm not familiar with CAS, and even less with e&m, fgd, fgb, etc.The restrictions on this circuit from the telco is either e&m wink or immediate, and dnis ani has to be sent as I mentioned. If that's the official answer, then I'll pass on that they need to get it swapped for a PRI.

What platforms IS this possible on, just ICR with CME? Or some other gateway?


Actually, as mentioned above, using my TCL script you will be able to support the circuit as it is, and have caller ID working on T1 CAS, that is normally not possible.


Thank you again! I couldn't find where that script was posted when I went into your profile pages. I found a tcl for code generation but not the number to name. If you could direct me a little further, I'd appreciate it.

It looks like we're going to push the telco to change their stuff to fit ours, but that brings up the question of what is it exactly the UC is expecting from the telco in that signalling. Is it just the way it's delimited and/or the order of the ANI DNIS info, or is it more complicated than just parsing a DTMF string?

Thank you again.


To contact me, my email and website are mentioned at the end of my profile,. Then of course one can use private messages.

To explain this again, normally on T1 CAS, only DNIS digits ares sent by telco, and that is what the Cisco expects.

However, since users also like to see caller ID, the *ANI*DNIS* arrangement is sometime used to make it possible. My script enables this feature, plus some other useful ones like unlimited size database of names to go with numbers, etc.


Do you have a copy of the script you wrote for this. I can't find it on your profile. I need to send *ANI* information over an E&M t1 from my voice gateway to my PBX.