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CCA 2.2(5)

This post questions the plan by Cisco to cease offering support for UC540/560 systems configured outside of CCA.

I have recently installed a new UC560 for a client and I must stress knowing that Cisco was going top cease offering support I made sure I used CCA entirely even though I love using the CLI on anything I can get my hands on.  After using CCA for everything the following inexplicable problems occur:

1. After installing the system and testing all features at the client site one evening I returned to the site the next day to find that no-one could dial out.  Nothing in CCA stood out as being the problem.  I lodged a job with TAC and the excellent tech and I went through the config and after an hour we both discovered at the CLI level that all of the dial-peers were shutdown.  This doesn't appear to be possible from CCA so how it happened and how I was supposed to see the problem I don't know. The only way to fix the problem was via the command line.

2. I made a change again via CCA to add a shared line to every extension and it worked fine and achieved what I wanted it to.  Yesterday I received a call from my client that something wasn't right and when I looked at the shared lines I added it is now showing as Normal on every extension, not shared.  I couldn't have added the line as Normal via CCA as it doesn't let you so how it changed from Shared to Normal I don't know.  Again the only way for me to fix this is via the command line.

3. On another system using the same version of CCA I updated a persons name on the system in Configure - Telephony - Voice - User Extensions.  When I applied the change all of the local Australian dialpeers were replaced with US ones.  I didn't go into the Dial Plan - Outgoing area at all so why CCA decided it wise to replace these I don't know.

There is an interesting thread from July here Re: ASK THE EXPERTS - UC 500 SYSTEM VOICE TECHNOLOGIES which questions the move as well, with the response that future versions of CCA will ensure more reliability.  I wonder whether things have improved in the last three months.

I must stress that the Small Business Pro product range is fantastic and one which I really enjoy selling and supporting but with product margins being as low as they are I can't afford to spend the time fixing issues that should not happen.

Kind regards,

Damian Halloran

Capital IT Pty Ltd

61 3 9024 0631

61 4 1930 8036

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Cisco Employee

Re: CCA 2.2(5)

Hi Damian;

Thanks for your valuable comments. I'm escalating this to the CCA product management team. They will probably contact you to gather more information about these issues.

Regards, and thanks for your comments. We are working hard to improve your profitability.