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CCA 3.0 - Software Pack 8.1.0 UC520 Issues !!!!

Hi Guys,

I was part of the beta testing for CCA and the software packs and have noticed that my comments and testing seem to have gone unheard. I see from the forums that there are other users experiencing the issues I reported. So why release software when you know there are bugs in it.

I still have several issues which is really begining to frustrate me now....

1) Inbound SIP (Skype Connect) call not being routed to extension 201 - When calling my online number it rings then busy out. I beleive this is something to do with IOS toll fraud and also the ACL list but I do not know how to fix this

2) My HP mediasmart server can no longer reach the internet, page cannot be displayed and also I can not reach it from the internet as well, again something to do with the ACL's

3) DNS enteries are not what I enterned in, no idea where it pulls them from but certainly not correct....

These are my top 3 issues, If you could please address them I would appreciate a fix or the instructions on how to fix them.

Once again I am happy to beta test, but please at least read my feedback it may help before you release the CCA and software packs.

Thanks in advance




I would call the SBSC and have them open a case for you.  These issues a minor and should be easy to fix.  Be sure to reference your post on the community for the info they will need.

Have a great night


Sorry about your issues but your first step should be to reset your UC500 back to a default configuration.  You can do this by going to maintenance and then software upgrade. Make sure you install the latest version from here

BTW stay out of CLI

Issue 1

SIP does work with Skype Connect.  Watch this Youtube video and it will take you less than 10 mins to configure it.

Issue 2

If the server is connected to the UC500 a default configuration of CCA will not block internet traffic.

Issue 3

I tested this on my UC and this issue could probably be resolved by going back to factory defaults. 

Do not continue to use the beta version.

I agree with Marcus about not useing the beta version and upgradeing to the posted software pack. For issue 1 I have seen some cases come in where toll fraud has cause some issue. The issue with the toll fraud  is being looked at and I will post something when I have more information on this issue. Most of the issues I have seen were able to be fixed by useing the following commands below. Hopes this helps!!!

config t

voice service voip

no ip address trusted authenticate

Also If you need to open a ticket please contact CIN to open a ticket for TAC. UC520 is still supported by TAC, the number for CIN to open a ticket is 1 800 553 2447.

Here is some general information about the UC500 that I have found helpful in the past.      I hope they can help you going down the road


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your help, I now have inbound and outbound Skype calling working.

Just to work on the rest.... The NAT componets dont seem to work on my media server and slingbox. I seem to have to incease to firewall security level to migh or medium and then reduce it to low to get the devices NAT working as it should.

Thanks again.