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cdr internal error codes

I've enabled CDR (call data reporting) on my Cisco UC520 that sends accounting files to my ftp server. is there any good documentation on better understanding this information. I've read the admin guide and although its quite detailed, does not provide a good description of all the fields.

we have also been getting some calls drop outs and have now found that the CDR is reporting 'internal error codes' during the call drop out:

error and

Is there anywhere to find out what these error codes mean?



Steven Smith
Rising star

Are the calls that are failing SIP?  What version of IOS are you running?  The IEC's aren't well documented and won't tell us everything.  It might be a good idea to get debugs during a failure?  How often do you have these failures?

For the first code, I found timer expired.  Which sounds like there was a timeout waiting on a message.  The second error looks to be a DNS query failure.  Both could be related to lost packets over the WAN, bugs, or something in between.  Do you have any more information?

Yes the calls are through a SIP provider.

We are running version 12.4(22)YB4 of the IOS.

These failures don't happen that often so are hard to replicate and therefor setup a debug.

I was hoping that these error messages could be referenced in a table somewhere to help us.
The first failure seemed to happen on a call that was going for about 20mins. The second error happened about the same time on a new call trying to go out. At the time we thought it might be an internet error but we were able to ping the sip host successfully at the time of failure (from a pc on the same network).

I thought it might be a firewall issue where the sip provider was waiting for a response to keep the call going at around the 20min mark, but with you saying the 2nd error was dns related, i'm wondering whether this is something else.

I've discussed this with the sip provider so hopefully they can also assist also, just seems a difficult one to pinpoint.

Not saying I know what the problem is, but if your network had a problem for a short period of time, you might of had a DNS error and missed a packet on the SIP side.  It could be a flaky cable, internet blink, or a few other things.  Hard to pin point the problem with just those errors.

yes and i'm having a difficult time working out what the problem might be.

sounds like setting up some debug's might be the best approach, any suggestions of which debugs would help here?

"debug ccsip message" for sure will give you information, should you catch a bad call.