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Change Lan IP Network


how can i change the ip Lan network with CCA 2.0?



Accepted Solutions

Did you try deleting/editing the DHCP Server first?


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Marcos Hernandez


I try to change the ip adress with CCA in Configure - routing - IP Addresses but we can't change it. What must i do?


Did you try deleting/editing the DHCP Server first?


yes, i have tried but nothing change

What can i do for change my IP Address?

I tell you what I did when I implemented a multisite where they had to be different...., but I did this "Before" I configured anything.

So if this is a lab system, you can do this as well.  If its in production, it may be more difficult to do with CLI.

Basically factory reset the system from CCA.  Then Connect directly to the IP Address of the UC520 and go to the Wizard.  You will know you connected correctly if the Wizard works (many people try to use the wizard connecting via a community with the single UC520 in it, and that wont work).

Go through the screens, one of them will be data VLAN.   Set it as you wish.  When done, create a community, add the UC520 and configure as normal.

There is a way to do it on an active system, by adding a second VLAN and making it the default. I have included some screenshots with the "story board":

1) Create new VLAN:

Picture 3.png

2) Assign IP to new VLAN

Picture 4.png

3) Change Smartports to use new VLAN the default data VLAN (exclude the port you are connected to, so you do not lose connectivity):

Picture 6.png

4) Change DHCP Server Settings:

Picture 7.png

5) Enable NAT (inside) for new VLAN Interface:

Picture 8.png

6) Close CCA.

7) Connect to another switch port and open CCA using the new VLAN IP.

8) Change the Smartport Data VLAN on the last port that didn't have it.

9) Check for other places where previous IP might have been configured (VPN Server, for example).

We will update the First Look Labs.



Using CCA 2.2 this does not work. I've set it and the dhcp server scope but it always goes to data network. I really would like the default vlan to reflect the rest of the network. Have you tried changing it with the wizard with 2.2 yet?



Are you using the Telephony Setup Wizard (TSW) or the Expert screens?

The telephony setup wizard. The same one that launches upon factory reset. I put in the different ip's and the dhcp scope changes automatically. All looks well, but when the wizard is done everything is still .10 network. I've tried saving and restarting, but still the same results. This is a UC540. I have made the changes by creating VLAN 2, and making that the access vlan for all ports, but I can not erase the default vlan 1.


Bummer. This should work. It is what we have been recommending all along in order to change default IP's. If it doesn't work, this is a VERY serious bug. May I kindly ask you to open a TAC case?

Thanks for your patience.


O'kay, will do.

I see this article mentioned on creating another interface for an additional subnet on the uc520. I'm in need of using it for a WAN setup so I can have dual isp's. I'm wondering how via the cli you can remove the switchport access so it's a standard routing port. I get the following error when trying to give it an ip addreess.

% IP addresses may not be configured on L2 links.

I'm also wondering how the dual nat situation would work as well if it can be used as a another WAN port.



What you do is create an "Interface Vlan X", where X can be "25" for example. Under that interface you configure all your L3 stuff and then you put the switchport that will serve as your secondary WAN on that VLAN.



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