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Changing the Name on phone in a UC500

Need to change the name on a phone in a UC500 system, I was told I had to delete the phone and startover. I am using the CCA. When I did this with Support it the voicemail still had the old name attached and it was not esay to do. Does anyone now a better way?

David Trad
Rising star

Hi Robin,

The only proper way to do it is to delete it, once you delete the user it should also delete the Voice Mail account as well, but at times CCA can miss this or does not do it cleanly (Don't ask, it just happens and quite a fair bit, just be mindful of this ).

HINT: Before deleting the user, go into edit mode on the user and copy the MAC Address, it will remain in the clipboard, but makes life much easier for you.

The other way would be to actually change the users details, but then there is a manual process to log into the voice mail and remove the personal recordings, it works out to be longer rather then just delete and start again



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