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Cheapest way to add poe

We're adding one more SPA 508g phone than we have poe ports, so I'm wondering what the cheapest way to add one more poe port is. I thought I should just get an ac adapter for one more phone but was told to go ahead and find a poe solution since we may add  a couple more phones. I'd rather not spend $200 on a Sg 200-08P.

I have plenty of non-poe ports. I notice that there are lots of passive poe devices on ebay--4 ports with a power adapter for $40. I know you couldn't verify the quality of such a device but does anyone know if they would work?  The ones I saw provide voltage on wire 4 and 5 and gnd on 7 and 8.

Are there any cisco power injectors that are compatable with the spa phones and the uc320? The only ones I've ever seen are only one port and the one I had for an old aironet 1200 wasn't compatible.

Thanks for any help!


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Cheapest way to add poe

Power adapters or power injectors are suitable if you have one or two phones coming out of your non-PoE switches.  If you have more, I'd recommend you look into a mid-span switch.

Try this.

Personally, I wouldn't recommend it because this adds an additional layer of gunk in your wiring closet.  It's cheaper, in my opinion, to rip out your non-PoE and replace them with suitable PoE switches.