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Cisco 5xx, new feature LLDP on 7.4.7 new firmware


Im testing the new firmware 7.4.7 for Cisco IP Phones series 5xx.

On this test im using exactly the SPA504G HW Version 1.0

The purpose of my test is to have the IP Phone auto-learn the VLAN for voice.

Using CDP, the IP Phone starts tagging his own traffic and works well, but with LLDP, I got no success.

The LLDP agent I m using is LLDPD, under Debian GNU/Linux.

I think the LLDPD daemon is well setup, capturing the wire i can confirm the LLDP announces to broadcast, with TLV for voice (tagged vlan, and the correct VLAN ID).

But the IP Phone:

  • Is not sending any LLDP packets.
  • Is not tagging his traffic after receiving the LLDP announce

I dont know if its normal not sending any LLDP packet, but when using CDP i can see the packets coming out from the phone and under LLDPD daemon i can see the new neigbour.

I havent testes with a native switch with LLDP support (dont have right now).

¿Any idea? ¿Does anyone has tested this new feature?

Thanks in advance!

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