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Cisco Newbie - SPA525G A couple of quick questions please

Hi All

Excuse my questions if they are very basic information, I'll explain our scenario, we have just recently setup a 6 phone (SPA525G) Voip network using a local (Engin) hosted PABX system, we have no central hardware for managing these phones they are all configured individually and generally all is functioning well.  It appears larger organisations may configure these phones to operate with other hardware involved that allows central management, this makes perfect sense but I'm unsure if this is required for our small 6 phone setup.

I have 3 questions that I am finding no solution to as yet.

Q1  Music on Hold - I know our phones support MP3 using a usb device to play music locally but can I point the phone to a location on our network to source a mp3 etc.  We have a Windows Server 2008R2 environment with Win 7 clients.  Can this be setup easily using only the 6 phones or do we require a central management piece of hardware / software to implement this?  When I have investigated this on the forum I got lost in discussion

Q2  Configuring Paging - We have configured our Speed Dial setup manually for each phone which is working fine (Ext number then dial, extensions rings, if no answer goes to message bank for that extension)  It would be great if internally we could page and talk aloud Auto answer to the ext, whether the user is  there or not.  Is this possible?  spa500_admin.pdf page 59, I have followed the instructions but the extension called just rings and does not auto answer then goes to message bank.  Must be missing something simple here?

Q3   This one is the most annoying, completely random issue, sometimes works as expected.  The problem is related to transferring calls from one internal phone to another internal phone.  e.g User 1 receives an external call, user 1 has to transfer ext call to User 2, User 1 presses transfer button, directory, selects User 2, user 2's phone rings, user 2 answers phone, user1 briefs user 2 on call details then presses transfer, instead of Line lights going out on user 1's phone and user 2 talking with ext call, the line 1 and line 2 lights are both lit and user 2 is left talking to himself, the problem can be fixed by picking up Line 1 lite Button and pressing transfer (second time repeat), directory, user, then transfer before user 2 picks up call.  This works every time the problem occurs.  The problem only occurs (all be it random) if user 1 decides to brief user 2 about the incoming ext call prior to the final transfer.  If this is done once user 2's phone starts ringing and prior to pickup by user 2 the problem never occurs.   This is ok but sometimes it is nice to brief User2 on the nature of the external call before transferring.  This problem only occurs maybe 30% of the time and appears to happen to all users similarly.

It is quite annoying as we are almost avoiding briefing user 2 prior to second transfer press as this will be 100% successful, this is assuming you can press transfer before user 2 picks up call!

Thankyou to anyone who can help with my questions in advance, our scenario is quite simplistic and I'm not sure if we are expecting too much from our system as it currently is.  I will appreciate any ones input and advice.  Kindest Regards Dave

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

Wrong forum, post in "small business voice - SPA phone". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.


Have also updated to firmware from 7.4.8 to 7.5.2a, will update if any change in issue 3. Thanks Dave

I have another question relating to the use of some software utility that allows you to use a Cisco voip phone (SPA525G) to dial a number directly by clicking on there contact in Microsoft Outlook. I have heard there is such a tool, im unsure if you source it from Cisco or a third party.

Any advice will be appreciated.

No one has any advice for me on the above issues also?



I'm also having trouble with Q2. We are on the same phones, newest firmware, both the paging feature and the auto answer features are turned on. When we hit *96 and the extension, the phone says that it is paging, but the phones only ring. We are on a Vocalocity system. I would love to know what I am missing on that one as well.

Hi Chelsey,

Each phone must be configured with the same pagegroup for the page to work.

Paging uses the configured multicast address and each phone that is active in the multicast group will autoanswer.

Are all of the SPA phones connected to the same networking switch?  Depending on the switch you are using you can query the switch for the mac addresses of the devices that have joined a multicast group(s).




We aren't necessarily trying to page a group, just individual extensions. The phones have that feature as well as the group option. All of the phone connect to the same switch.

Do the individual phones have to each have an individual group created to page one phone at a time? We are trying to use this system like an intercom system so dispatch can communicate with the techs quicker. Thank you for following up.

Hi Chesley,

Thanks for the additional information.  That helps clarify what feature your trying to use.

I did a test using my UC320W  enter *96ext# dial (ex *96101 dial) and my ext 101 rings and autoanswer.

I captured a wireshark trace of the  call flow and the orginator sends an invite to the SIP proxy and the SIP proxy sends and invite to the extension to be paged.   There is a SIP refer message and a SIP 202 accepted messages.

You might want to check with your SIP proxy support on extension paging.  The SIP proxy needs to relay this call type properly.

The page group feature allows for up to 5 different groups of extensions to be called at one time through the multicast protocol (not through the SIP proxy).


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