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Cisco SPA525G2 Cannot Delete Factory Wallpaper

Hi! We have several cisco spa525g2 ip phones with the latest firmware. We have googled and searched and cannot find out how to do a few things regarding the lcd screen wallpapers and screensavers. Can anyone help us!

Here's what we are having issues with. Yes we are aware Cisco may have discontinued all SPA300/500 products so we presume cisco tech support isnt looking at these forums nor is new firmware going to be released for these products. But we still want to use them with our SIP provider.

1. we can select a wallpaper that shows on the screen behind the line information, but there doesnt appear to be a screen dimming option that when the phone is not used the screen dims to reduce power but doesnt turn off. we see a backlight option that turns the screen off after X minutes but we need the screens to dim alittle when not in use. this is such a basic feature we have no idea why we cannot find this setting or why these $400 phones dont have it.

2. we cannot find any option to delete factory wallpaper pictures from the phone. no menu option gives the option to delete the wallpapers and when the screensaver plays it plays all the factory wallpapers and we want our company logos and better pictures to show on the screensaver. we do not want a picture of a leaf (lol) playing on the screen. this is silly we cannot chose what pictures play on the screensaver nor delete factory wallpapers and it also appears we can only load ONE extra wallpaper as when you chose a wallpaper from the USB stick it overwrites the previous wallpaper that was loaded from the USB stick. we find this strange.

3. anyone know if the 525G2s use POE standard or special cisco POE? we wanted to use these phones on POE switches but dont know if they need standard generic POE switches or used special cisco POE.

4. anyone want to guess why the 525g2 web gui looks like its from 1995? probably the ugliest clunkiest web gui we have ever seen and making changes in the gui are not easy and the phone has to reboot with every change... this is a $400 ip phone cisco?

5. anyone use the g722 HD codec and can give feedback on call quality on the handset and on speakerphone? would the phone make a good conference room phone that multiple people could use on a conference call in the same room and get great voice quality and echo cancellation.

6. anyone know any tricks or tips for the 525g2? anything that would help us would be appreciated. we can give you one which is remotely rebooting phone by adding '/reboot' at the end of the web gui to reboot the phone remotely if you arent in front of the phone or have to reboot for some reason.


screen dims to reduce power

screen dims to reduce power but doesnt turn off

I'm unsure the backlight (I mean the hardware now) is dimable at all.

we cannot find any option to delete factory wallpaper pictures from the phone

True, but you can replace it by wallpaper of your choice. It include 'flat gray' or anything else you wish to be shown after deletion of factory wallpaper.

the 525G2s use POE standard or special cisco POE

I assume it accepts any of them, but only Cisco (or your's own test) can provide you authoritative answer.

anyone know any tricks

Many people, and even insiders, described various tricks here. Thus so browse this community and/or use search to discover them. For specific requirements - just ask.