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Cisco SPA525G2 Screensaver intermittently working not working...

Paul Norman

I have a few Cisco 525G2's all flashed with and running 7.5.2a firmware (a-bt).

After switching on the screensaver option then choosing the clock as my screensaver oh and settting the trigger interval at 120 (have tried 30 and 300 too) upon saving these settings on the phone and via the web GUI the feature does not work or if it does it works once or twice then fails to work again?

It's doing it on all my 525G2's, anyone else have this issue?

Hardware Version is 2.1.0 if that helps.

I should point out i have tried reseting to defaults, still does it.

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Paul Norman

Well i found the problem, my phones are configured via an encrypted xml file in cfg format and as such the provisioning rules are setup and in use.

As such i had the Resync Periodic set at 30 and also the Resync Error Retry Delay, doing so prevents the screensaver from working if the Screensaver Trigger Interval (sec) is higher then the Resync Periodic & Resync Error Retry Delay value.

I.E. If you set the Resync Periodic to 30 and you set the Screensaver Trigger Interval (sec) to 30 the screensaver works, set the Screensaver Trigger interval (sec) to 45 while the Resync Periodic is set at 30 then the screensaver fails to work!

Set the Resync Periodic to 60 and as long as you set the Screensaver Trigger interval to 60 or less it will work but go higher than 60 and it will fail to kick in!

Not sure if this is a bug in the 7.5.2(a) firmware or if it happens in others!

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