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Cisco UC320W and TAPI integration

Does anybody know if the UC320W allow TAPI Intergration/Support ?

If so, is is V2 compliant



Anybody have any ideas ??

Does TAPI work with a UC320W ?????

Hi Andrew,

TAPI is not supported in the 2.0 release.  You might find this thread of interest though:




To provide a bit more detail and to the post Christopher posted, TAPI is a function of Windows, so it really has nothing to do with the UC320. Call Ctrl basically does what TAPI provides as a Windows application.

TAPI is a dying technology and looked at implementing it within Call  Ctrl, but TAPI is difficult to work with. We implemented hot key  solution which will enable a user to dial from any application. We chose  this route because not all applications include TAPI support.

Call Ctrl was developed for the SPA300, SPA500 and SPA900 IP Phones regardless of phone system or service used. Right now Call Ctrl will not work with the UC320 due to the lockdown mechanisms on the phones. Call Ctrl requires access to the http://<

I would download a trial that way you will recieve an email when we do get this figured out.

Feel free to call or email if you have any questions.

Steve Wofford

Call Manager for SPA IP Phones

To Cisco

Is there a reason why the spacfg.xml for the phones is locked, third party Software developers cant create any addditional XML applications because of it, and we need these options so that it makes the product more appealing to the end user.

Please can the help out steve from uctrlit.



Hi David;

The reason is due to the fact that SPA phones uses a specific configuration and firmware when connected to UC320W. It is different to what is used with SPA9000 or other components.

As UC320 is a fairly new product, so not ready yet to open these interfaces. We are investigating potential impacts on the phone and on the platform.



Unfortunately, the lack of TAPI or a suitable replacment is making the UC320W (an otherwise very nice product) less than ideal for small business customers that need the features of application initiated calling and screen pops -- both of which are available in a wide variety of competing products.

Come on guys.  Steve said that TAPI is a dying technology.  That may or may not be the case.  But we need it or a suitable replacement NOW!  Actually we need it nearly a year ago.

So it appears that we are now well over a year with no solution to a very basic phone system need.  Perhaps they don't really want to operate in the SMB market after all.  Pity.

Hi Dave;

Unfortunately, TAPI integration is not currently in our committed roadmap. We will keep you informed on the progress.


Thanks for the response.  I understand.  Unfortunately it drastically limited the number of customers where the UC320 is a good fit.  We have had to bid alternative products to at least 60% of our SMB opportunities because the UC320 doesn't meet this minimum specification.


Can you clarify TAPI support or do you mean Click to Dial? I understand not supporting the TAPI technology as it is a dying technology. As Dave mentioned, Click to Dial should be some sort of minimum.

We get daily downloads for Call Ctrl to be used in conjunction with UC320, but we have to send them away. We also get Cisco's employees looking for an external solution. Everyone is asking where Click to Dial support is, the Phone System exists, the precursor to UC320 (SPA9000) supported Click to Dial, the Click to Dial software exists.

I do not understand not wanting to support this great technology.


Steve Wofford

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