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CISCO UC560 : CDR contains only Alphanumeric Extension

I am trying to capture the extension from the CDR of CISCO UC560. I  understand that one call will have more than one CDR assosiated with it. The extension is captured by combining all the assosiated CDRs.

The  problem is that the set of CDRs contain an alphanumeric extension in  the extension field and not a number. This is observed only in inbound  calls. As a result, the extension captured is incorrect. See a sample  CDR below. Extension in Red.

E.g.: 1360702431,361346,0,1,"3AB0A14F  748B11E2 83A7944B A697162D","","","15:40:10.867 EST Tue Feb 12  2013","15:40:10.867 EST Tue Feb 12 2013","15:40:15.577 EST Tue Feb 12  2013","15:53:51.481 EST Tue Feb 12  2013","","","originate",0,"",0,0,40751,6520160,"","9372582884","AA500A4902","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","",816,"Tariff:Unknown","","0","","","","","","","","","","","","","","","ALL_T1E1","","","","","","","","ton:0,npi:0,#:500","ton:0,npi:0,pi:0,si:0,#:9372582884","","","","","ton:0,npi:0,pi:0,si:0,#:9372582884","","","","","","","Unknown","","","","","","TWC","02/12/2013  15:40:10.846","9372582884","AA500A4902",0,686662,2DEE949B 748B11E2  B557E05F  B9B11831,58382,"","","","","dn:shared,usr:CMason,tag:5","cme","",""

On  discussing the problem with Cisco support, the tech thought that it was  an indicator of the agent’s position in the queue, similar to a virtual  extension or agent ID. On being pressed about the agent ID number he  said he could not map it to a physical extension.

Does anyone have an  explanation for this? How do i get the related physical extension?  Please find the set of CDRs and expected extensions of 2 calls in the  text file attached.   

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