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Cisco UC560 greeting message out of business hours and CME problems


I am new at this forum and quite new to Cisco UC as well. I am kinda lost and don't know how to go forward.

I'll try to describe what an I trying to do. I am working on a Cisco UC560 box and trying to make it work, that people calling from outside get a greeting between 5 PM and 8 AM. What have I done since now? I've been trying to set the schedules and business hours using the CCA, I've recorded the prompt and converted it into the right format, but now I don't know how to go any further. I've been trying to use the scripts which are already preloaded on the device but don't find the appropriate one - all of them are too complex for the situation that I need. I don't need to set up the voice mail.

Reading the internet I've found many articles desribing the procedure to do the thing using the CME, but I wasn't able to find the CME. Connecting to the http://ip_of_device I get only to the screen with diagnostics. Am I missing something? Typing the wrong address or there's no CME on my device? Do I have to enable it somewhere (not enabled by default?).

I kindly ask you for some help and guidance.

Thank you in advance, Tomy.


The interface you are looking for is http://ip/ccme.html

Though I am not sure it will solve your problem -- I have a difficult time understanding exactly what the problem is from your post. A copy of your UC's config as well as a quick sketch of what you are trying to accomplish would be really helpful.


hi Tomy,

Are you trying to do just plain "night service" or use AA? used the second regularly, and it's pretty straightforward - biggest problem we had at one particular site was persuading the "victim" to record all of the prompts as she had clearest voice but wasn't all that enthusiastic about recording fourteen prompts

As Daniel said, the url is /ccme.html for CME: to get to CUE you may need access if it's default and if you want to do it directly rather than CCA. And again - sorry to repeat you Daniel! - if you could explain the overall goal a little more clearly I'm sure people can help.

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