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Complaints of Echo and distortion

This is one of many similiar complaints I am seeing from customers.

On a trip to Customer A, I found the combination of the 'Standard' deep bass audio setting and high handset volume to be very uncomfortable in normal conversation. In some cases it was harder to hear the other party and in others my voice sounded much louder in the earpiece than the other party. The Cisco documentation describes the 'Standard' setting as being more like an old analog narrow band experience, but I did not find the audio to be extremely clear. I changed several of the handsets to the HiDef setting and set the handset volume in the web interface to 9. I was able to reproduce a consistent audio experience on 3 different phones with those settings. Obviously this is based on my own auditory preferences, but I did notice a difference. In one instance I also lowered the Handset Additional Gain setting from 0 to -1 in an attempt to compensate for reverb/overdrive/distortion reported by one user as "echo".

Now as we all know with voip there are many issues that can cause audio issues.  But replacing the cisco phones with there closest polycom equivant results in clear audio.  Now I understand that some of this is just user preference.  But I hate to say this but my old 7960G gives me a cleaner/clearer sound then the newer 509G and 525G/G2 phones we sell.  I have seen other complaints on these forums in similar situtations.  Would like to see if cisco plans on looking into these issues, or if they do not have plans two I can work with my customers to switch them over to a different phone.


I typically keep the standard setting when deploying phones.  Some people have reported issues with echo to which I typically have their phone drop the gain to -6.  The majority of the time this resolves the issue.

Here are the settings:

Handset_Input_Gain                              "-6" ;

Headset_Input_Gain                              "-6" ;

Speakerphone_Input_Gain                     "-6" ;

Bluetooth_Input_Gain                            "-6" ;

Yes those are  our general default settings.  Often users then complain of having to fiddle with the phone settings. 

I will say there is a some of this that just user preference but then again I having customer with two phones with identical settings only difference being ext and  one sounds like a tin can and the other sounds, fine. 

The nice thing about the settings outlined above is that the user cannot touch them.  This is before their settings come into play.

So when they adjust their levels to maximum, these settings ensure that they are -6db.  Unless they are really being loud into the handset, etc, this should cover the issues you identified.

If you are deploying your phones using provisioning, you can set this by default on all your phones ( or just the problematic ones ).

Looking back through,  we have in the past set settigns you mentioned to  0 before, we are also running 7.4.8 , with mix of  502,504,508,509,525G/G2 Phones. 

We are running firmware 7.4.6 with the bluetooth firmware 0.34.

By default all users start with the settings mentioned set to 0.  If we get calls from a user advising of echo, etc, we push via provisioning the -6 on those settings.  This appears to resolve the issue the majorioty of the time.  There are rare instances where the echo returns for a single call over a 2 month period which I believe is not worth tracing down ( could be the remote end on speakerphone for example ).

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