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Sindibade 78

Configure SPA500S when using Extension mobility


I'm looking for an astuce to configure a SPA500S button module on a SPA 508G IP Phone where we use Extension Mobility.

I need to configure the 32 buttom to be either available on logout profile and with the user profile.

What is the good procedure by using CCA.




Below I have posted a link to an article that may help you in configuring your SPA500S using CCA. I hope this article can help solve your problem.

Configure Normal Extension on SPA500S Attendant Console that is connected to SPA500 Series IP Phone


Andrew Mayfield

Hi, Please a tolled about this configuration but when the extension used is in Extension mobility mode.


Hi Taleb,

Log in to the phone configuration utility and choose Admin Login > Advanced > Voice > Phone. Scroll down to the Extension Mobility Section, choose Yes from the EM Enable drop-down list. Enter the domain for the phone in the EM User Domain field and then Save the settings.

Then configure the extension mobility parameters in the profile rules field in the Provisoning tab and then configure the extension for this via UC.

Thank you.

Hi Tania,

I'm talking about a possibilty to configure the attendant console SPA500S connected to SPA508G when Extension mobility is enabled on it.

I have already configure the attendant console on the same devise but without Extension mobilty enabled.

Is there any limitation to do this?


Hi Taleb,

No there is no limitation to do so. If you already have configured extention mobility on SPA508G without SPA500S extention mobility, now it is ok to add SPA500S. Extension mobility will work on both.

Thank you.

Hi Tania, Thanks for your feedback.


Without using EM, I can manage the 32 Attend console buttons with the SPA508G on CCA. but when i enable EM for this Ephone I can't see and manage the 32 attend console buttons attached to. just 8 line buttons available for configuration.

Please do you any snapshot that clarifiying this option.


Hi Taleb,

Are you sure the Attend console is working? I guess it is not connected with the IP phone. Please check the connection.

Yes, the attendant console work fine. where i disable the EM, i can get the Atendant console button configurations; when i enable the EM, I lost all Attendant console button.

i'm having the same problem, did you find out a solution??

any solutions ???

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