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Configure Voice announce on UC560 using SPA phones.

     . Currently the customer would like to utilize a feature from the old pbx call voice announce were the originating caller dials an extension that will voice announce the call over the speaker of the phone allowing handsfree answer back. The SPA series of phones does not support Dial intercom any Ideas?            

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Configure Voice announce on UC560 using SPA phones.

Hello Scott,

The UC500 support dialable intercom with CCA it is easy to set it up. The SPA phones support it, it is not supported by ATA and analog phones. It will not announce the originating number. Here is the description of the feature:

Feature Description

Intercom button that allows a phone user to intercom any other phone on the

system that also has a dialable intercom button by pressing the intercom button

and dialing the extension they want to intercom.

Unlike normal Intercoms and Whisper Intercoms, which are always configured

between two specific phones, phone users can intercom other phones by

pressing the Intercom button on their phone and dialing a Dialable Intercom


Dialable intercoms are used by operators or administrative staff who provide

support for many employees, as opposed to administrative assistants who are

generally responsible for one or two people and have specific intercom buttons on

their phone for each person. When this feature is used, a Dialable Intercom button

is usually configured on every user’s phone.

Only one dialable intercom button can be configured per phone.

CCA does not allow Dialable Intercoms to be configured on button 1 of a phone.

You can optionally configure the Dialable Intercom with or without Mute.

• When Muteis enabled for the intercom, the called phone automatically

answers the call in speakerphone mode with Mute activated. The phone

beeps when the Intercom call is auto-answered to alert the recipient to the

incoming intercom call.

To respond to the intercom call and enable two-way audio, the recipient

deactivates the Mute function by pressing the Mute button on their phone

or, on some phones, lifting the handset.

• When Muteis disabled, both the caller and the recipient immediately hear

each other when the Intercom call is connected.

The benefit of disabling Mute is that the recipient of the intercom call can

speak and be heard without having to first deactivate the Mute function.

However, nearby background sounds or conversations can be heard as

soon as the intercom call is connected.

Unsupported Phones

Dialable Intercoms are not supported on these phones:

• Analog phones

• ATAs