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configuring admin vlan id on spa501g

How to configure Admin Vlan id for the spa501g phones and IVR is also not working. On the spa504g, i need to manually configure admin vlan id only then they come into the network and accepting the voice dhcp ip otherwise they are taking ip from the data dhcp and sitting idle and not registering with the uc 560. I need help n its really urgent as am on the customer side.

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Re: configuring admin vlan id on spa501g

Ah, this is the 501 without the display.  See if there's a drop down box in the web UI under the system tab to change the web writable.

If the above web server writable doesn't work, change the phone to SIP mode and you'll be able to make your vlan changes.  Then switch it back to SCCP mode.

Re: configuring admin vlan id on spa501g

Well thanks nseto but i could not perform the specified things but i upgraded the ios for the UC560 and upgraded the phones with the newfirmware.

Later i changed the voice dhcp to data dhcp and made the phones and Pc's to get the ip on the same dhcp scope by just adding the option 150 in the dhcp server and phones got registered and upgraded from the uc560.

Thanks again.