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Configuring UC320 for this workflow

I have a client with a UC320 and approx. eight phones.  This is the way they'd like to setup their system.

Incoming calls would ring a receptionish phone for approx. 20 seconds.  Calls no handled by the receptionist would go to the AA.  The AA would thank people for calling, and recite the list of users/extensions, telling people to press the extension they'd like.

That aspect is working flawlessly.

Now, for calls she answers, she'd like to find out the caller's needs (typically to speak within someone at one of the extensions).  Then once she knows whom the caller needs to speak to, the receptionist would like to Intercom the user (Intercom so they don't have to pickup the phone) and say "Hey Steve, Ted is on the phone about the project, would you like me to put him through?"  Now Steve will either say "yes, transfer him" or "no, I'm leaving, put him into my voicemail or just tell him I'm dropping stuff off tomorrow morning or whatever."  Based on what Steve tells her, the receptionist will conclude the call.

The receptionist has a 508G and a sidecar.  What would be neat is if I could program a sort of shift-key arrangement, so the phone would have keys like "Intercom" or "Xfer" or "Xfer VMail" and then the sidecar could be programmed with the BLF for the phones, and then the receptionist could press "Intercom" and then "Steve" and be talking to Steve.  If Steve says to put the call through, she could then press "Xfer" and then "Steve."  Or if Steve says to xfer the call to the VMail she could press "Xfer VMail" and then "Steve."

The nice thing about this method is they could add a lot more phones and still not use-up all the buttons on the sidecar.  But I don't think there is any way to do this, right?

So how would you setup the receptionist's phone?

Apparently they use Intercom in this office a ton, because the old system had it.  They would each like to press a single button on their phone and Intercom to another user. They live for Intercom.

But they need to transfer calls to phones and voicemail, too.

Tips?  Ideas?


Hi John,

It is possible to configure as per your requirement in the receptionist's phone.

Please try the below steps to confgure :

for Example :

1. configure intercom in PhoneA (Receptionist phone)/or on its sidecar.

the intercom to target phone is phoneC .

2.when PhoneB calls to PhoneA ,PhoneA receives the call

3.On PhoneA press intercom button to transfer call to PhoneC since phoneB is willing to talk PhoneC.

4.PhoneB goes to onhold,while PhoneA talking with PhoneC

5.Now on the phoneA press the softkey xferLx to complete the transfer the call between PhoneB and PhoenC.

6.If PhoneC does not want to talk to PhoneB, then press softkey endcall follow by resume softkey

7.then xfer to the voicemail box of the PhoneC(by entering the voicemail prefix and extension of phoneC)

8.also you can intercom to other phone(repeat the steps 3-5)