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configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI


Can anyone point me to a config advisor as CCA wont work with CLI I have done a voice mail factory reset within CLI but CCA not recognising this.


Re: configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI


So CCA will also do a factory reset of the UC540, which includes the IOS/CME and the CUE. In fact, its important that you factory reset the whole unit for CCA to make sense of the configuration (many configs push to both places so factory reseting only CUE will cause inconsistency), but I understand you are in the situation you are in already, so I use CLI to factory reset the IOS/CME side of things.

Do do that just do the following:

#copy startup-config


Also, check the status of CUE to make sure it recovers:

UC540#service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 status
Service Module is Cisco Integrated-Service-Engine0/0
Service Module supports session via TTY line 2
Service Module is in Steady state
Service Module heartbeat-reset is enabled
Getting status from the Service Module, please wait..

Cisco Unity Express 7.1.6
CUE is on UC500UC500


Let me know how it goes.....

Also, when PC with CCA wont connect, check these things:


Re: configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI

Hi Steve

Thanks for replying..

Last friday we were supposed to go live but we had issues with a factory restore in CCA as there is a bug with the CCA CUE factory restore (it failed) so we raised a TAC case and the guy (very helpful) remote sessioned in and fixed our system so we could make calls however everything he did was in CLI so we were a little confused with the commands he was using. He gave me instructions to do a CUE factory restore in CLI which I did today successfully however now we can re configure in CCA as it looks like all users are enabled but if you press the messages button we get busy/unobtainable tone???

I have voicemail working in the lab so know it has worked??

As we have not yet had partner training for CLI we can programme as we dont know how too.

Any advice gratefully received.




Re: configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI


If its a UC540, then the SBSC (Small Business Pro Service contract) should have helped you restore your system with CCA and make it usable with CCA again.  We used to have issues with Backbone TAC configuring UC520's with CLI (Smartnet support) since they werent trained on CCA.  Who did you call and do you have a case # to share?  I can follow up on that.  Or was it a TAC case with backbone TAC?

I am aware of one BUG in CCA 2.2.2 (fixed in CCA 2.2(4)): CSCtg33723: "CUE  reset to factory default via CCA fails on UC5xx platform"

But this is fixed (or is supposed to be fixed in CCA 2.2(4).  Do you have the latest?

get it here if not:

I am not sure how flexible your situation is (since it sounds like this is a live site) but I would really recommend resetting the system from CCA 2.2.4 and building it with CCA (not CLI) to assure you have a system that can be maintained.  If you cant reset that system, you may have to reopen your case and get live support.

While we can factory reset CUE with CLI (shown below), this will result is users created in IOS that are not built in CUE, so this is what I was indicating earlier, that if you have a sysyem only half reset, the results are going to be very bad.  IOS thinks the user is created, but its not in CUE.

UC_520#service-module integrated-Service-Engine 0/0 session
Trying, 2002 ... Open
se-10-1-10-1# offline
se-10-1-10-1(offline)# restore factory default



Re: configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI

Hi Steve

I tried to do a CCA version upgrade friday AM and not sure if it worked or not as it said it needed to be re-booted but would change system screen.

Our site is live but only have working so ideally I want to start from scratch to bring all upto speed.

I dont have any case numbers but yeah i found that watching them do it in CLI was frustrating as I learnt nothing and we plan to use CCA.

Our network consists of:


ws-c2960g for our servers


W had fun at the weekend getting the UC to work with the 2960g but believe the VLAN assignment has been done now (not VLAN1)

Our desktops we use are thin client terminals so they need access through the handset to the shared storage infrastructure.

What do you suggest?




Re: configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI

I spoke with the CCA Development team on your behalf, who assured me that the issue with factory resetting a UC500 (CUE was broken in last release) is FIXED in 2.2(4), so my recommendation is to restore the system using CCA and configure it with CCA.   If it doesnt work, we will need log files and a case opened.  But it should work.

(note: If you think you tried it on CCA 2.2(4) and it didnt restore the system, I am not suggesting you retry this, since they may be something in your config that would cause a different error; but I got the impression you never tried this, so I am saying it should work and its worth a try).

Make a note of what you have to reconfigure regarding your Vlans though, since CCA will restore defaults.  But the Telephony Setup Wizard WILL CHANGE the Data VLAN as long as the system is factory reset.



Re: configuring voicemail ont he UC540 in CLI

Hi steve thanks for your ongoing advice so... CCA 2.2.2 failed a factory reset CLI appeared to have done a reset but the changes didnt appear in CCA if i get CCA updated to the latest can i do a factory reset on CUE alone or will CME also get changed all our thin clients now sit inline of the handsets so a full reset wull kill everything