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Connecting UC320 to door access system

Hi all,

Has anyone attempted connection of the UC320 to a door access system? is it possible and what are the connections and/or instructions?

I have only FXO ports available as the fxs will be used elsewhere. I won't know what the 3rd party door system is until I get to site this week but i'm assuming that I just need to open or close a connection and the 3rd party kit will activate a switch relay or something. Thanks in advance for your help.


Christopher Edgeworth
Frequent Contributor

Hi Phil,

I've seen the Algo FXS Door Phone system in operation with a UC320W (North American) installation.

This requires an FXS port.  You could expand your FXS ports by adding a SPA8800 gateway.

Basically, you make the FXS a Hot (line) phone to your target extension, where the party who answer the target extension can send DTMF digits to 'buzz' them in.  The Hot Phone feature is found in the UC320W running 2.2.x firmware.

Hope this helps.



We have had this working with hardware from multiple vendors.

I have seen some that offer it via FXO.

Relays are usually activated via DTMF as Chris mentioned.

I've seen this one in use on a UC320.

I should also mention -- there are FXS to FXO converters -- that might solve your problem.

Would it work for multiple phones?  We have a client that would like all the phones to ring when someone buzzes.

You could make a huntgroup or shared extension a hot (line) phone target to ring all the phones.


One more question - how about automatic entry?  So, say the receptionist is looking at a monitor that shows people at the door, is there a way she can press a button that automatically buzzes the person in?

This particular customer wants to hook up a camera and have a way to buzz in a client automatically (since the door is monitored).



If you use a FXS based system that supports this along with Hot Phone provisioning, you could simply dial the extension of the Hot Phone (Door Phone System), and then enter the DTMF digit to activate the door lock mechanism.  You will have to check with the Door Phone vendor to see if they support auto answer on an FXS and then can unlock with say dialing a 9.