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Converting IP phones from SIP to SCCP

Hello all,

I am in the process of developing a proposal to migrate a client from an Asterisks phone system to a UC560. They currently have about 25 Cisco IP phones - a mixture of 7970, 7960s. All have been configured for SIP.

I would like to convert the IP phones back to SCCP. Is there a way to do this with Autoregistration or do I need to configure SCCP for each phone? If each phone, what is the steps to do this.

Thank you for your help and suggestions.



Re: Converting IP phones from SIP to SCCP

The 7900 series phones usually use SCCP on the UC500. CCA always configures phones in SCCP mode, except for the 3911 and 3951 phones, which do not support SCCP. The UC500 software packs only include SCCP phone firmware images for 7900 series phones, and do not include SIP images for 7900 series phones. In addition, the UC500 will already have the correct load configured for 7940 and 7960 phones.

To switch from SIP to SCCP, you will need to have your UC560 unit configured. In addition, be sure that you have the SCCP phone load for the 7940 and 7960 phones on your UC560 unit, and that the load 7960-7940 line is in the telephony-service section of your UC560 configuration, with the correct version of the phone load specified in the load 7960-7940 line. The correct version of the SCCP phone load for the 7940-7960 phones in the 8.0.0 software pack release is P00308010200, or version 8.1(2). This part of the configuration should normally have been done for you in CCA.

To use the 7940 and 7960 phones with the UC560, you will need to connect ESW or Catalyst Express 520 switches to your UC560 unit, and then connect your phones to the ESW or CE520 switches. Reasons why it is important to use ESW or Catalyst Express switches:

  • The ESW 520, ESW 540, and Catalyst Express 520 switches can be  configured by CCA
  • These switches support Cisco Discovery Protocol and are capable of being used with Cisco Unified IP Phones
  • Voice is on a separate VLAN from data in SBCS deployments
  • CDP is used to send voice VLAN information to the Cisco Unified IP Phones

Be sure that you have configured your switch ports on the ESW or Catalyst Express 520 switches to be IP Phone + Desktop.

Don't forget that you must either use PoE switches or power cubes to power your Cisco Unified IP phones. The part number for the power cubes for the 7900 series phones is the CP-PWR-CUBE-3=.

After you have configured the UC560 unit in CCA, entered in the MAC addresses of the phones in the UC560 configuration, and ensured that the SCCP phone load is present, you will need to do the following on each phone:

  • Power off each phone.
  • While holding down the # key on the phone, plug each phone into an ESW or Catalyst Express 520 switch that is connected to the UC560, and plug in the power cube if the phone is being plugged into a non-PoE switch. Release the # key once the Headset, Speaker, and Mute buttons begin to flash in sequence.
  • Within 60 seconds after the Headset, Speaker, and Mute buttons beginning to flash in sequence, enter 123456789*0# on the phone.
  • You will then be prompted to keep your network configuration. Be sure to press 2 for no. This will force the phone to reset its network configuration.
  • The 7940 and 7960 phones will then reset to factory default settings.
  • After resetting to factory default settings, the 7940 and 7960 phones will grab their network configuration from the UC560. The most important parameter is the TFTP server IP address, and this should have already been configured on the UC560 unit in the DHCP pool used for the voice VLAN. This setting should be identical to the UC560 voice VLAN IP address. The 7940 and 7960 phones will grab their settings from the TFTP server.
  • The settings grabbed from the UC560 will tell the 7940 and 7960 phones to download the SCCP load from the UC560 with TFTP. These phones will actually download the SCCP load from the UC560 TFTP server. Your phones should be upgrading to the SCCP load supported on the UC560.
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Re: Converting IP phones from SIP to SCCP

This varies by phone version.  The steps for making the change are located here.


Re: Converting IP phones from SIP to SCCP


I did the same thing in Nov 2010 where I installed a UC540 at a customer who had 7940 phones running Asterisk SIP loads. In addition to the information already given in this thread see my two posts:  and

The last post is critical as the 7940 and likely the 7960's have to be upgraded in steps.  The first post documents how you get the phones SCCP software on the UC540 to let them convert and upgrade when plugged in.  However, the second post is critical since the first upgrade from SIP to SCCP should be an older version (depending on the age of the phones).  Once running SCCP software you can then step upgrade them.

My experience was that I had the latest 7940 software on my UC540 and the first 7940 I did in my lab succeeded, but when I got on site the other 7940's wouldn't upgraded and that's when I figured out you had to step upgrade them.


Re: Converting IP phones from SIP to SCCP

Pretty sure the second thread is no longer needed to be done manually since CCA 3.0 does this for you (near page 25 in the CCA release notes) if you want it too (Step upgrade).