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Country pack for 8.6.3 in 8.6.4

Hi all,

Is possible to use a country pack for version 8.6.3 in a BE3000 8.6.4?

Where can I download the DVD for 8.6.3?

Thanks in advance.

Cisco Employee


8.6.4 version of country pack is available. You should use that with 8.6.4 build.

For 8.6.3 upgrade image, pl use this link:


Thank you Sanjay.

And, Is possible downgrade from 8.6.4 to 8.6.3?

Can I set upgrade image as bootable DVD?

I need the downgrade because I am using a beta country pack that is only for version 8.6.3


It is not possible to downgrade. If you upgraded to release 8.6.4, the previous build, ie 8.6.3 will be in inactive partition. You should be able to switch to it using Maintenance -> Restart/Shutdown -> Switch versions menu.


I have a system that come with release 8.6.4 by default, I am not able to switch version from menu.

So, Is impossible to install release 8.6.3 in a BE3000 that comes with release 8.6.4?

And, If I try to reimage the system with original DVD 8.6.3?

I need to use 8.6.3 because I have a country pack for 8.6.3 and there aren't another one for 8.6.4

If not, my final solution will be return back to cisco my system and I think that is a pity because is a site with 200 phones...


Which country is this system in? There shoule be a 8.6.4 version of CP available.


In Spain, I know that Spain is a non supported country but I have a Beta country pack for Spain, but, is for build 8.6.3.

So, I would like to install version 8.6.3 in my actual system but I don't know if it's possible or not.

For 8.6.3 install, u need to reimage the system using the 8.6.3 reimage DVD. Since you got a 8.6.4 system, it would have come with a 8.6.4 bootable DVD. Bootable images are not posted on CCO.


Thank you Sanjay, your answer give me some hope.

Did you if are there any way to obtain a Bootable image from Cisco? Maybe via TAC?


Hi David

Is this required for a lab system, where you plan to test out the beta version of CP, or is it for an end customer deployment?


Is for end customer deployment.

Is the last time that we buy a BE3000 in Spain until it is supported, but for this case I need a solution. The project is under Cisco Capital and the costumer started to pay on september.

Since you mentioned that it is a beta version of country pack, have we done any validation testing to make sure that the CP will work for the customer deployment?


There are another 3 partners in Spain that are working with this beta.

However, before customer deployment, I will test in my lab with the final config.

You can download the "Bootable 8.6.3 build" from the following location

You need to download and burn it on a DVD and then u can use it for reimage.


Thank you Sanjay,

I'm downloading it.

I'll return for feedback.


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