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CP-524SG "PC Port" not working

I bought two brand new Cisco 524SG phones, I specifically got the "S" model for the switch capability.This way we dont have to run 2 ethernet cables to each workstation.

But no computer I plug into the PC Port will connect, I then read somewhere saying that this switch might actualy be disabled!?

I want to confirm that it is actualy disabled on this 524SG model. Also is it only disabled in the software settings? Maybe it can be enabled through a CLI command?

I wanted to mention that we also bought a new SPA525G that also has a "PC Port" internal switch, and it works fine.

There is also a FAQ on this very site that mentioneds that this S model has the switch:

Here is some info on one of our 524SG phones:

  • IP Phone CP-524S (SEP00211BFC92F2)
  • IP:
  • Software verison: 8.1.7
  • Serial: IMT13021856
  • Hardware version: 1.0.2(3816)

    Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.

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    David Harper
    Cisco Employee

    You will need to update the phone firmware.  When the CP-524s were released, there was only the 524G with no PC port.  Since both the phones use the same firmware image, the 524SG will load and run on the older firmware, but since the older versions only supported the phone without the PC port, they do not program the switch chip inside the phone correctly.

    I don't remember exactly which version we added support for the SG phones, but it was somewhere around 8.1.12 or so.  Grab the latest UC500 software bundle from and update your box.  Then the PC port should start working.



    Dave gave great advise.   ANd here is the release info...

    I just checked the release notes for the newest 7.0.3 bundle zip (this is part of the new SBCS 1.5) and is shows

    CP521 and CP524 IP Phones updated to 8.1.16b.

    The phone loads pack on the earlier contained phone loads for the new CP-521SG and CP-524SG IP Phones.

    thanks so much for the reply, that is a relief to hear. I do see now that the CCA detects the phone as a 524G.

    I updated my UC520 to UC520-7.1.1-ea last week. I don't know how to upgrade the firmware on the ip phones themselfs. In the "CME-Phone-Loads-7.1.1.tar" archive there is a cp524g-8-1-16b.bin, I assume I use that somehow?

    I tried doing the following, which I read about in another thread, but nothing happens, the status light doesn't blink.

    I tried restarting one of the phones and noticed it sits at a screen saying "Downloading c524g-08-01-07.BIN" for about a minute, then finally boots up. That seems to be the old firmware version.,that file is not on my UC520 flash disk. I did a search of the "show running-config" output and did find this line "tftp-server flash:cp524g-08-01-07.bin" and "load c524g-08-01-07"

    There is also this line which has the new firmware "tftp-server flash:/phones/521_524/cp524g-8-1-16b.bin alias cp524g-8-1-16b.bin" so I updated the telephony-service with "load 521G-524G c524g-8-1-16b". When I restart the phone now it says "Downloading c524g-8-1-16b". But when I check the phones version it hasn't changed from 8.1.7. I also tried the load line with the "p" in the name (load 521G-524G cp524g-8-1-16b).

    I don't know if this is just a typo in your post, or actually the problem, but you said you added the config "load 521G-524G c524g-8-1-16b", which is missing a 'p' in the load name.  It should be 'cp524g-8-1-16b'.

    Otherwise I'd suggest doing a 'debug tftp events' to see if the file is being successfully server up by the uc500.



    wow ok that was dumb of me, I was using FTP and should have been using TFTP. I switched to TFTP and the upgrade? url works now. Updated the firmware and the PC port works now!!!

    Cool.  Glad to hear you are all sorted.