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Brett Walters

CSCtl04193 - Mailbox in Use

Do we know if this has show back up in newer versions?  I have a UC540 running Software Pack 8.6.0 and VM 8.6.3 (CME 8.6) that this started happening to.  The device has been upgraded for two months now and it just started out of the blue. Able to reset the mailboxes (unlock them actually) but wondered if it was happening elsewhere or just a couple of freak occurences.                  

Cisco Employee

sorry about the happening, actually i never heard about this bug from our support team

i would stongly recommned to try new swp 8.6.1(include CUE 8.6.5), it fixed some CUE issue and RC tester happy about it.

you can ask RC image or wait till 10/30/2012 for officail release.

Heh - I will wait until it has been out a while. I've been down the road of upgrading to a brand new release too early too many times, including Cisco's.  But thanks for the response!  I will wait a bit to see if anyone else has run across this before closign out the question.  I'm afraid the 'upgrade and see if that fixes it' path is not one I tread often.

This has been a bug on every version of CUE we have ever used, including the latest.

I see at least one of these per month from our customers.

I also see variations of this error in other instances. (Such as IMAP from non-outlook clients...)

Cisco seems disinterested in fixing it.

The generic answer is "reboot cue, see if it goes away". (it does... for a little while)

the imap iusse looks like different, anyway, have you open a case before?, if not please open a case for immediate attention.

I've seen BOTH the IMAP problem, and the one described by Brett regularily.

We don't open cases anymore because it will take hours on the phone and the only result will be "reboot cue".

Cisco STAC does not seem to have the resources to troubleshoot and fix bugs; they are geared towards fixing configuration issues - this is NOT a configuration issue.

I've literally had 5+ cases between these two issues. None had a positive outcome.

This is the first UC5x0 I've run into this on at all. Of the others we have in place, from 520's to 560's, I only have one with this issue - and it didn't start until the latest 8.6 was loaded (to solve a different issue).

I have seen it across all 3 uc500 models.

I would say we see it on about 10% of customers.

The IMAP bug (which is similar) is very regular and consistent.

*This* bug seems more random.

I've had some clients where it only happened once, others - every couple months.

I have not had anyone have it over and over in a short time period.

[to Danial]          

sorry to hear that, as you said if that is not a configuration issue then we can not resolve the problem here as you know. please escalate the case.