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CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

I have not checked the show ccn call application. What does this typically show?  When I unlock a mailbox, I go in the service intergrated module, voicemail mailboxes unlock owner "name" .


CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

It will show active sessions... so you can get an idea if you are running out of sessions or if it is some other issue.

Is it possible that the end users are entering their pins incorrectly? This can lock mailboxes.

Re: CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

Hello Wayne,

If you are not running the latest CUE ver 8.6.5 please update to it.

This should resolve the issue.



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CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

Hi Alex,  I am on 8.6.3.

Daniel, I have gone over this before with the users and they have assured me they are not entering the wrong pins.


CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

Have you tried like "trace voicemail user ..." or "trace voicemail mailbox" type traces at all to see what happens?

Also, if you goto the CUE web interface (, what do you have set under "Configure -> User Defaults"?

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CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

Hi Wayne,

You need to update the CUE to 8.6.5 then.




CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

here is the output of the show ccn call application:

UC500-CUE# sh ccn application

Name:                                   promptmgmt

Description:                            promptmgmt

Application type:                       aa

Script:                                 promptmgmt.aef

ID number:                              4

Enabled:                                yes

Maximum number of sessions:             1


Name:                                   autoattendant

Description:                            autoattendant

Application type:                       aa

Script:                                 aa_sbcs_v02.aef

ID number:                              1

Enabled:                                yes

Maximum number of sessions:             6

AfterHoursMenuPrompt:                   NEWInternationalAfterHours.wav

AfterHoursOption0:                      65155

AfterHoursOption1:                      none

AfterHoursOption2:                      none

AfterHoursOption3:                      5700

AfterHoursOption4:                      none

AfterHoursOption5:                      dial-by-extension

AfterHoursOption6:                      none

AfterHoursOption7:                      none

AfterHoursOption8:                      none

AfterHoursOption9:                      none

AfterHoursOptionPound:                  none

AfterHoursOptionStar:                   none

allowExternalTransfers:                 true

BusinessHourMenuPrompt:                 InternationalIntro1.wav

BusinessHoursOption0:                   5001

BusinessHoursOption1:                   5001

BusinessHoursOption2:                   5003

BusinessHoursOption3:                   5001

BusinessHoursOption4:                   5157

BusinessHoursOption5:                   dial-by-extension

BusinessHoursOption6:                   none

BusinessHoursOption7:                   none

BusinessHoursOption8:                   none

BusinessHoursOption9:                   none

BusinessHoursOptionPound:               none

BusinessHoursOptionStar:                none

DialByExtensionAnytime:                 false

directXferMailboxNumber:                none

extensionLength:                        4

maxRetry:                               3

Schedule:                               systemschedule

Name:                                   voicemail

Description:                            voicemail

Application type:                       aa

Script:                                 voicebrowser.aef

ID number:                              2

Enabled:                                yes

Maximum number of sessions:             6

logoutUri:                              http://localhost/voicemail/vxmlscripts/mbxLogout.jsp

uri:                                    http://localhost/voicemail/vxmlscripts/login.vxml

Name:                                   msgnotification

Description:                            msgnotification

Application type:                       aa

Script:                                 msgnotify.aef

ID number:                              5

Enabled:                                yes

Maximum number of sessions:             6

DelayBeforeSendDTMF:                    1

logoutUri:                              http://localhost/voicemail/vxmlscripts/mbxLogout.jsp

Name:                                   ciscomwiapplication

Description:                            ciscomwiapplication

Application type:                       aa

Script:                                 setmwi.aef

ID number:                              3

Enabled:                                yes

Maximum number of sessions:             6

CallControlGroupID:                     0

strMWI_OFF_DN:                          A801

strMWI_ON_DN:                           A800

I tried the trace commands and nothing came up. They are actually having issues right now, when I pulled this.

Re: CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

Hi Daniel,

any comments on the show CCN application ?  Also, I tried to upgrade the CUE through the CCA, but it errored out at the end. I am going to have to do it manually.


CUE is in use most of the time on UC520

The command I mentioned above is actually "show ccn call application", not "show ccn application".

Example output:

se-10-1-10-1# sh ccn call appl

Active Call Details for Subsystem : SIP


**** Details for route ID : 280 ****


    ** Active Port #1: Call and Media info **


Port ID : 0

Port Impl ID : 0

Port State : IN_USE

Call Id : 9978

Call Impl Id : E4D20A68-790911E2-8618E28A-6CA6E177@x


Call active time(in seconds) : 3

Application Associated : voicemail

Application Task Id : 16000008332

Called Number : 280

Dialed Number : 280

Calling Number : 205



CLID : sip:280@x

Arrival Type : DIRECT

Last Redirected Number :

Original Called Number : 280

Original Dialed Number :

Media Id : 2

Media State : IN_USE

Media Destination Address :

Media Destination Port : 19536

Destination Size : 20

Destination Payload : G711ULAW64K

Media Source Address :

Media Source Port : 21322

Source Size : 20

Source Payload : G711ULAW64K

What error did you get from CCA while upgrading? Getting CUE upgraded should be your #1 priority for troubleshooting this matter... I have seen it fix many issues.